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21 Jan : 22:20
Just got smoked by some Gato boys in BF V. I can only hope it’s someone from here

25 Sep : 15:35
I've been hanging around Bently, its great to hear from you. How have you been? What games are you playing these days

27 Jul : 13:19
Hey widow; long time no see brotha, how the hell ya been?

30 Dec : 18:14
ill go on vent when im playin

30 Dec : 18:12
My tag is GATO_E-Man

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Re: Arma (Miscellaneous games) Posted on 19 Nov : 22:00
but, this is europe, where they have transcended war, strife and conflict. In a socialist land, as such, should spying on a military that serves no purpose be a crime?

(does greece even have a military?)

They should have told the Judge they were gay men on welfare seeking an abortion. Judge would have let them walk (or prance?) right out of there.

Does greece have enough money to imprison people? God forbid they get a pair of tourists in the nation spending some fucking cash.

BTW, isn't Lemnos right next to Lesbos?
Thread: Ghost Recon Online Beta 2 (Ghost Recon Series) Posted on 18 Apr : 21:43
Well, after only a few rounds I am ready to speak...err....type about GRO (as opposed to OGR)

Firstly, I would like to thank the JoeBoX for being as loose as a French whore during shore leave with his Beta key. Without him, none of this would be possible

Gameplay is neat...slow moving and tactical. You seem to be able to take quite a few rounds. This is due to the armor, I assume.

Aim Down Sights is necessary, but a HUGE reticule is provided (should you feel the need to do some articulate shooting, like sides of buildings or Battleships) Neat thing....ADS just shows the rifle, down the center line (from 6 o'clock to 12) arms/hands etc at some obtuse angle projecting towards your target

its HARD to shoot someone. full auto is useless outside of the room you are in Alotta semi action

its IMPOSSIBLE to shoot someone on the move. It takes about 1.5 seconds (a timer actually appears) for you to raise your weapon to shoot after you stop sprinting

Health regenerates, albeit VERY slowly. Once you are hit the game will end prior to you healing all the way back up. Being hit does not appear to downgrade your performance. Not even a bloody border around the screen. I prefer the Gimp Mode of OGR..leg hits reduce mobility/arm hits reduce aiming etc...and you are stuck like that until respawn

Three major classes: assault (rifles/shotty), recon (guess) & specialist (LMG and SMGs)

You level up, but also earn credits for each kill and game won etc... that you can spend as you see fit. can buy armor improvements, red dot sights, extended magazines, magnum ammo etc... these are unlocked at levels, but then you must purchase them. Spend your ducats wisely!
...When you use a must buy a new one between rounds. only your ammo respawns with you. Been caught too many times forgetting to repack my OTV

Non-existent Technology is stressed... sniper lack ghillie suits....they have cloaking devices !?!
....assault class has an exoskeleton that allows a lot of stuff to carry (starship troopers?!?) They also get a super shield that makes them sprint super fast (uh.... i don't get it either) it is supposed to block rounds, but I got killed right thru it during one of these Braveheart moments. Some sort of overgrown microwave hair dryer can heat up enemies from afar. Not quite sure what that's about.
...recon guys can spot bad guys...even behind cover...for all the team to see
...yet to play specialist, but I am sure that they phasewalk or berserk or some such shit

The maps appear to be is nearly identical to BF3's METRO..underground subway tunnels etc... but you are all forced into one common area to fight for control of the objective. There are no back door, sneak around, parkour your ass around and back-stab them routes on some of the maps. Mass your people and win via superior firepower.
...Spawns are fixed, and respawns are en masse (you all wait and spawn together-which really makes the spawn kill shenanigans difficult, when 4 of them suddenly appear...hehe)

Once again, there appears to be NO DEDICATED least at this beta stage. Matchmaking is done for you, apparently randomly (I cant even figure out how to choose from several servers--just end up in one). Being terribly alone, I have no other trolls to figure out how the interface can team friends up

Overall, the game has yet to grab me by the balls, shake me, and make me its bitch (i.e. BF3, Borderlands, OGR) yet. A lack of familiarity and some more game time should change most of that.
Re: Battlefield 3 (Miscellaneous games) Posted on 09 Dec : 19:54
I have not seen too many of them so far....2-3 maybe, especially used to attack someone. I cannot speak of any CoD product after BLOPS
Re: Battlefield 3 (Miscellaneous games) Posted on 08 Dec : 21:43
hooray! nerfed the flashlight! INRV vs Spec Ops Black is resolved! green flashing is gone....sad face on the AT mines... Modern mines should self destruct in a couple of days....not seconds.
Re: Callin' for some mapping help. (Miscellaneous games) Posted on 23 Oct : 08:12
So... is this a JoEbOx push for this new CS game? despite claims that I will hate/despise/dislike it?
Re: Call of Duty Black Ops "trouble shooting and solutions" (Call of Duty Series) Posted on 10 Sep : 22:48
Re: Call of Duty Black Ops "trouble shooting and solutions" (Call of Duty Series) Posted on 08 Sep : 14:03
I was rather enjoying that!
Re: Battlefield 3 (Miscellaneous games) Posted on 16 Jun : 22:24
but still defaulted to centered text
Re: Battlefield 3 (Miscellaneous games) Posted on 16 Jun : 22:24
'world of tanks' is free......
Re: [poll] MW3 subscription costs.... (Call of Duty Series) Posted on 31 May : 17:41
It appears that they cannot improve the game play, either they have run out of ideas, or they feel they have perfected this ancillary bullshit emerges. Let's not talk about the game, just the coat of shiny paint and the roomy glove box.

Either way, it sounds like a dead end.

Stock trading tools? facebook inspired? really?

Let's slide in some online dating service, and a new spider solitaire game mode.

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