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21 Jan : 22:20
Just got smoked by some Gato boys in BF V. I can only hope it’s someone from here

25 Sep : 15:35
I've been hanging around Bently, its great to hear from you. How have you been? What games are you playing these days

27 Jul : 13:19
Hey widow; long time no see brotha, how the hell ya been?

30 Dec : 18:14
ill go on vent when im playin

30 Dec : 18:12
My tag is GATO_E-Man

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All Forum Posts for BlacKWidoW
Re: Installed mods in our SE server (Space Engineers) Posted on 27 Jul : 15:51
Ok, I'm on it. We got to have them work ASAP

Re: Installed mods in our SE server (Space Engineers) Posted on 27 Jul : 10:19
Here are the latest mods installed to Black Eye Galaxy:

297580962.sbm : Hostile Universe

304571628.sbm : Command Console Pack

416810412.sbm : Airtight Door

412134393.sbm : Small Medical Station

298550266.sbm : Letters

300571927.sbm : Blast Door Sections

444642373.sbm : CruoPod (another version)

305414143.sbm : Star Trek Engineering Station

294618647.sbm : Clear Glass CryoPods

419588209.sbm : Main Battleship Cannon MK3

441722178.sbm : Large Blast / Hanger Door

481382708.sbm : Super Sensor 100 km

354360112.sbm :NPC Ships - FTL Rebels

380165093.sbm : Unlimited Ship Speed

396892504.sbm : Enlarged Small Thrust Warp Engine

471051380.sbm : Single Port Upgrade Modules

469301711.sbm : Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors

388525350.sbm : Modular Thrusters

446761633.sbm : Airtight Dome

436731105.sbm : Aggressive AI NPCs. They seek & destroy the closet player for battle

I like some feedback to know what is not worth having as well as some positive experiences. If anyone wants a mod added to the server, let me know. I would be happy to incorporate them ASAP. There will be more to come I'm sure of it.

Re: Installed mods in our SE server (Space Engineers) Posted on 17 Jul : 22:06
Today's mod additions:

Round Armor Engines 405004158.smb


Hammerman's Decoration Pack 451486869.sbm

Capital Thrusters 437139385.sbm

Auxilary Connector Pack 304787878.sbm

Power Plants 425514695.sbm

Azimuth Fighter Cockpit 4724741367.sbm

Powerful Upgrade Modules 471051380.sbm

Extreme Lights 441277694.sbm

Super Sensor 481382708.sbm

More to come.
Re: Installed mods in our SE server (Space Engineers) Posted on 01 Jul : 22:05
Today, I added the following mods:

Active Radar 444539430.smb

Sensor 1000m 46591866.smb

NPC Ships FTL Rebels 354360112.smb

I plan to add more soon.
Thread: Installed mods in our SE server (Space Engineers) Posted on 22 Jun : 13:04
If there are any problems experienced using these mods, please lat me know. Mor mods will added in the future but will be discussed before incorporating them. Here is what is in the server now:

Kolt - Configurable Automatic LCDs 304571628.smb

Hostile Universe 297580962.smb

Battleship Cannon MK1 416224683.smb

Curved windows 405687269.smb

Airtight Door 416810412.smb

OKI Weapons Collection DX11 429053416.smb

Small medical Station DX11 412134393.sbm

Computer monitor - LCD screen DX11 403922024.sbm

Letters mod 298550266.smb

Small Ship Mega Mod Pack DX11 305329302.smb

Blast Door Sections 300571927.sbm

AZ Passenger seat and Open Cockpit 340091142.sbm

Deadtech Medical Pack 297136210.sbm

Docking position lights 379096179.sbm

Cryopod DX11 444642373.sbm

Star Trek Engineering Station DX11 305414143

CryoPods DX11 294618648.sbm

Main Battleship Cannon MK3 DX11 419588209.sbm

Blastdoor DX11 441722178.sbm

Re: Modding our GATO server (Space Engineers) Posted on 14 Jun : 22:14
That sounds good. Do you know if it is DX11 or DX9? My guess its DX9.
Thread: Modding our GATO server (Space Engineers) Posted on 08 Jun : 08:27
In this thread, members are encouraged to post mods (and links) they would like to discuss as incorporating into our Space Engineers server. Some mods work with the DX11 update, and some with DX9. I believe, but am not sure, that all DX9 mods may work with DX11 (with potential issues) but DX11 mods will not show up in the DX9 menus. This info needs to be verified which can be done running a single player game. In order to install the mods you will need to subscribe to them. Steam will take care of downloading and installing them to your game.

I'll get us started on which mods I would like reviewed buy GATO Agents.

Kolt - Configurable Automatic LCDs

Pretty awesome looking mod for sure.
Current Content:

-Consoles: Function as configurable button terminals and control panels.
-Consoles with chairs: Cockpits.
-Monitors: Cosmetic
-Single button interfaces for large ships: A wall mounted and a standing version, for your lifts and doors and such.

Retractable Glass Bridge and Door (DX11)

5 star rating by the community
Set of airtight retractable glass bridges of length 3 - 9 (1 block is static: holding glass panes).
DX11 support.
Survival compatible
Small Ship versions
Balanced material costs
Construction models
Glass Bridge block category

Titan Engine (DX11)

Description: six block complect containing: docking ring segment and segment corner, docking ring clamp and clamp corner, and two variants of airlock. Docking clamp is functioning as a merge block, and consists out or two blocks: Docking Clamp Part and Docking Clamp Corner. 4 of each one form a full docking ring. This separation get rids of old bug with troubles to connect. Old 3-block-wide variant is a legacy now: it remains in the worlds, but cannot be crafted anymore. And it will not work with new system.

Letters Mod (DX9)

Description: 41 blocks of letters for you to write signs and names on hulls of the ships

Small Ship Mega Mod Pack (DX9 and DX11)

Description:A Small Ship Mega Mod Pack for everything that you could possibly need for all of your Small Ships.

1=>Small Ship Glass Windows

2=>Small Ship Interior Walls

3=>Small Ship Vented Windows-Window Sloped/Window Square

4=>Small/Large Ship Rounded Blocks-Now with Light/Heavy armor versions.

5=>Small Ship Refinery

6=>Small Ship Assembler

7=>Small Ship Arc(Blast) Furnace

8=>Small Ship Ramps/Stairs

9=>Small Ship Catwalks-Entire Catwalks Pack

10=>Small Ship Antenna

11=>Small/Large Ship x20 Arc Reactor

12=>Small Ship Cockpit(Looks like the Large Ship one but for Small Ships

13=>Small Ship Interior Lights

14=>Small Ship Medical Machine/Bay

15=>Small Ship Gravity Generators

16=>Small Ship Spherical Gravity Generators

17=>Small Ship Interior Pillar

18=>Small Ship Interior Turret

19=>Small Ship Missile Turret

20=>Small Ship Concept Gatling Gun Turrets

21=>Small Ship Sniper Rifles

22=>Small Ship Doors

23=>Large Ship Button Panel for Small Ships, Small Ship Button Panel(The Single Button) for Large Ships

24=>Small Ship Button Panel 4 Buttons made By: Eikester-Thank you

25=>Small Ship Control Station Cockpit.

26=>Custom Large Ship Ejector.

27=>Custom Large Ship Medium Conveyor Tubes.

28=>Custom Large Ship Conveyor Tubes Using Small Ship Model.

29=>Small Ship Airtight Hangar Door

30=>Small Ship (Large Ship size) Passage Block.

31=>Concept Gatling Gun Bottom Placement 3x5x3=>(Essentially 3x3x3)

32=>Concept Gatling Gun Top Placement 3x5x3=>(Essentially 3x3x3)

33=>Small Ship Vanilla/Stock Gatling Turret.

34=>Small Ship Conveyor Frame that fits the Small Conveyor Tubes.

35=>Small Ship Airtight Hangar Door 3x3x3 Size.

36=>Small Ship Airtight Hangar Door 1x1x1 Size.

37=>Small Ship Oxygen Storage Tank.

38=>Small Ship Oxygen Generator.

39=>Small Ship Air Vent

40=>Small Ship Half Cover Wall.

41=>Small Ship Full Cover Wall.

42=>Small Ship Oxygen Farm, Solar Hydroponics Machine.

43=>Small Ship Cryopod Chambers.

44=>Small Ship Upgrade Effectiveness Module.

45=>Small Ship Upgrade Energy Module.

46=>Small Ship Upgrade Productivity Module.

47=>Small Ship 1x2x1 Laser Antenna.

48=>5x3x5 Small Ship Medium Size Medical Bay

49=>Small Ship Small Block Size Merge Block.

More to come...
Re: COD Ghosts Review (Call of Duty Series) Posted on 07 Nov : 21:02
I will add more to your review soon, Axe. I want to play it some more and unlock more stuff. THe glitching is horrible. I am going to upload a small video of it so you can all see what I am seeing. I'll post the link once it is up.
Re: Ghost Recon Online Beta 2 (Ghost Recon Series) Posted on 14 May : 20:16
Good review, HamChu. I don't like the 3rd person view, myself. I hope this isn't where all FPS are heading. Sniper Elite V2 does the same thing, however, the slow-mo kills are fun to watch. I don't think I am going to purchase GR: Warfighter, on launch day, if it is also 3rd/1st person gaming. One game I am definitely buying on launch day is Borderlands 2. The game will be the game to play!
Re: Saying hello (Call of Duty Series) Posted on 24 Mar : 21:54
Welcome memo.

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