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06 Sep : 08:28
i dont remember the pw, but fortunatly vent's still been installed with it saved

06 Sep : 08:26
23, 24 come december. im good, job hunting. slow going sorry took so long to check bk again xD i did check for a week or so but hey ^^

09 Aug : 08:14
Reddyyyyyyy!!! It's great to here from you! We're doing ok here and i hope you are too. How old are you now? You one of the first GATO Agents when we started back on November 1, 2006.. I hope you are well. Here is our ventrilo info: I think you can guess the password. Pm me if you can't.

20 Jul : 09:44
./wave Good day chaps, hows things been?

15 Jul : 21:34

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