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30 Dec : 18:14
ill go on vent when im playin

30 Dec : 18:12
My tag is GATO_E-Man

Ham Chu
26 Dec : 12:33
up and running...friend me, if you've changed yur tag!

Ham Chu
25 Dec : 22:16
zomg the patches

Ham Chu
25 Dec : 21:49
Dropping CoD WaW rightnow

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All GATO Agents must read this post. It is about having RESPECT.
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Author Post
Sat Nov 24 2007, 07:27PM

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sun Sep 10 2006, 08:31PM
Posts: 517
For a long time, GATO consisted of 2 minors (Violator and Provider) and the rest were adults. There were only a handful of people and it was our goal to grow. Why over 18? Because we want to avoid all drama, especially childish gaming behavior. After a while, we didn't grow as fast as we wanted but the only thing we were aware of was that fact that 15 and 16 year old gamers wanted to join us. So, we decided to give it a chance.

From what us GATO Admin have found out, there are some GATO Agents that act inappropriately while playing AA, especially stuff like committing suicide instead of letting someone get a kill. That behavior is unwarranted which GATOHQ considers poor sportsmanship. If you are mature enough to get a kill, then take a death with dignity. When you suicide during a game, or swear in a server where it states "No Swearing Rule is in effect", or break a rule of bunny hopping when there is a rule against it, then you are breaking GATO's rules of fair play and Honorable behavior.

Anyone, no matter how old you are, that is caught doing any of the above, namely, not honoring the rules of the gaming server or their admin, will be spoken to by GATO Admin with the next step to be suspended and or dismissed.

The worst thing a GATO Agent can do is to dishonor another clan especially in their own server. When you do that, while wearing our tag, you also deface GATO. We don't like when our Agents act like children. It will be better to that you move on and leave GATO forever.

Have some respect for the AA community, especially if you you don't agree with their rules. Don't act like an idiot. Just don't do it.

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Sat Nov 24 2007, 08:01PM

Registered Member #88
Joined: Sat Nov 24 2007, 07:28PM
Posts: 5
I should have read this before making my other post, but my feelings still remain.

Your words are words spoken as a true leader, and words that should be read and re-read by every member. Although some people say 'It's just a game' and I say to you, then you should not be a member of an organized group of players who's intention is to play as a group and to play with honor.
This is about representing your squad. Your leader formed this with a vision, and by letting members join he is basically making you an extension of himself expecting each and every member to play as if he was playing at that very moment at your side, which is what you are doing by carrying his tag.

I look forward to getting to know you guys and playing some AAO with ya.

Arrow out...

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Mon Nov 26 2007, 04:37PM
Registered Member #3
Joined: Sun Sep 10 2006, 09:14PM
Posts: 404
Thanks for the post Arrow, I feel the same way it all comes down to maturity and respect if a person doesn't like a server just leave its simple to do without mouthing off first and if its someone elses server that thier not paying for then abide by the rules set.

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Thu Nov 29 2007, 04:12PM

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Sep 10 2006, 08:41PM
Posts: 766
Can all members respond with a "HERE' below to acknowledge reading the above post. Thank you in advance for the follow thru.

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Thu Nov 29 2007, 06:26PM

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Joined: Tue Aug 28 2007, 09:14PM
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Thu Nov 29 2007, 06:26PM

Registered Member #16
Joined: Tue Oct 24 2006, 04:49PM
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Thu Nov 29 2007, 06:48PM

Registered Member #70
Joined: Tue Apr 24 2007, 06:59PM
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Thu Nov 29 2007, 07:25PM

Registered Member #15
Joined: Wed Oct 18 2006, 10:03PM
Posts: 590

HARM shook his head in disgust while standing by the mighty wings of a Tomcat as he watched a Hornet take flight and said "I wouldnt believe the day when they would retire this baby for that bug"
He also said "Let god take my life before I ever strap myself into one of those pieces of shit."

"A man has only one virginity to lose in fighters, and if it is a lovely plane he loses it to, there his heart will ever be."
-Ernest Hemingway
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Thu Nov 29 2007, 09:14PM

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Joined: Thu Aug 23 2007, 08:45PM
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Thu Nov 29 2007, 09:26PM

Registered Member #86
Joined: Thu Nov 15 2007, 10:05PM
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