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25 Sep : 15:35
I've been hanging around Bently, its great to hear from you. How have you been? What games are you playing these days

27 Jul : 13:19
Hey widow; long time no see brotha, how the hell ya been?

30 Dec : 18:14
ill go on vent when im playin

30 Dec : 18:12
My tag is GATO_E-Man

Ham Chu
26 Dec : 12:33
up and running...friend me, if you've changed yur tag!

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Upcoming 7 Days to Die Alpha-10 Update
For those who play, are are interested in 7 Days to die, I picked up some
tidbits for the upcoming A-10 patch. The early November release has been pushed
back to mid-November. Word online is that it will be loaded with a lot of new content.
If you go to the developer's website, you will see some photos of the new items added
such as visible backpacks; clothing layering, new windows, blinds and windows, etc
along with better distance mapping. A lot of new eye candy for sure. Let's hope they
address the numerousissues including zombies spawning within your base walls. (???)

This game is on sale in Steam for $14.99 until November 3, 2014.

Here is the link to the Dev's blog:

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween GATO!
Posted by BlacKWidoW on Thursday 30 October 2014 - 17:28:11 | Read/Post Comment: 1

Upcoming 7 Days to Die Alpha-10 UpdateHam Chu | 01 Nov : 09:27

Comments: 12

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Try illuminating EVERY part of your base....I read that the zombies at night will spawn based upon darkness, esp in tunnels, and the way to prevent this is to throw up torches.

Or maybe just not build a fucking base that is 12.4 hectares in size.

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