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25 Sep : 15:35
I've been hanging around Bently, its great to hear from you. How have you been? What games are you playing these days

27 Jul : 13:19
Hey widow; long time no see brotha, how the hell ya been?

30 Dec : 18:14
ill go on vent when im playin

30 Dec : 18:12
My tag is GATO_E-Man

Ham Chu
26 Dec : 12:33
up and running...friend me, if you've changed yur tag!

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Tom Clancy's The Division - Gameplay
The Division Gameplay

This looks really cool. Its like Day Z meets Tom Clancy with out Zombies. Read Up on it Boys this one is going to be epic. What you need to know about this game:

Posted by Emperor on Thursday 13 June 2013 - 18:18:18 | Read/Post Comment: 1

Tom Clancy's The Division - GameplayHam Chu | 13 Jun : 20:50

Comments: 12

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This could very well take Borderlands Fallout off my list...

But I am very leeery, as UBI hasn't produced much other than bovine feces as of late

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