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Ham Chu
04 Dec : 20:10
OK, settled for ROBLOX. totally stupid, but fun, in the 3rd Grade kinda way. Oh, and free.

Ham Chu
02 Dec : 20:16 $$ back. Wouldn't play online, for some reason

Ham Chu
28 Nov : 21:29
DL'ing RISINGSTORM2: Vietnam right now. for $12, can it be bad? good reviews on Steam

20 Nov : 10:54
Does anyone play Overwatch regularly here? I seem to always revert back to this game as my FPS of choice.

02 Nov : 10:45
So I installed CoD4 Modern Warfare, MW2, World at War, and Black Ops. If anyone is down for some old favorites let me know. All still have active players.

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